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​​I am one of the main dominatrixes in the two largest bdsm studios in Poland.

Warsaw Prison 2.0 and Fetish Chateau - Warsaw, Poland.

You can ask for something, but never demand anything!

I am a naturally dominant woman - a real Domina that you dream and miss. My greatest strengths are natural feminine shapes and a sensual and firm voice. Bdsm and femdom is my passion that I constantly develop.

I have extensive knowledge, experience and skills. You will find out about it from the first seconds with me.

I started my adventure in the world of female domination while living in England. I conducted my first sessions at home and at the largest fetish parties in London. I enjoyed learning to bind from older Masters the most.

After returning to Warsaw, I organized bdsm events where you could admire my shows of domination on the stage.

I have trained a lot of women in my life who now derive a lot of joy from dominating their submissives.

The sessions I have conducted can already be counted in thousands and I still want more.

By fulfilling your fantasies, I also come true. The basis of your relationship, the submissive, is respect and trust, which she constantly builds in relationships with my submissives.

Looks don't matter to me. Your devotion and obedience count.

After many years of being a Pro Domme, I am an expert in many areas of bdsm. For example, medical domination, bondage, electrostimulation and many more...

Respect my time.

I don't give second chances.


Age - 35

Height - 170 cm

Eyes - green

Hair - black

Shoe size - 39

Bra size - H

Experience - 17 years

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