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When you write me a message, you start with information about how old you are, do you have any health problems such as body problems/injuries, heart problems, claustrophobia, etc - what experience do you have, specific elements of domination that you would like to ask for in points and finally when the session would be possible, which studio do you choose and how many hours or days you will like to book.


You can ask for any type of domination/elements from the "practices" tab.

If something isn't there, ask.

I don't watch porn movies, look at the pictures, read scripts and also I don't describe sessions via e-mail.

The things listed above are enough for me to conduct the session.

Bookings at least 24 hours in advance.

Sessions are possible in

Warsaw Prison 2.0



Fetish Chateau

Warsaw, Poland.

Possibility of a session from 1 hour to even several days(weeks) with me.




I replay to messages in 24 hours

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